Logging In

To login, please go to https://www.georgiaonmyline.org/peachy, where you will be presented with our login portal form. You will receive your username and email from the GOML administrator through your institutional email account. If you have any issues logging in, please the contact eCampus web team.

Screenshot of login page
GOML Administrative Login Page


A successful login automatically directs to the dashboard. From here you can navigate to your entries, the user guide, or the help module.

Screenshot of admin dashboard desktop view
View of the GOML dashboard on a desktop device

Depending on the size of your device, the left navigation may be collapsed into a hamburger menu. To view the navigation items, click on the Hamburger menu to expand.

Screenshot of the admin interface on a mobile device
View of the GOML interface on a mobile device
Screenshot of expanded hamburger menu on mobile device
Expanded hamburger menu on mobile device