The Entries navigation item is where you go to add, remove, or modify programs offered at your institution, or to update general information related to your institution.

This section reviews the following topics:

Program Status

A program entry can be in 1 of 6 states indicated by different colored circles by the name of the program.

Screenshot of the Program Status list
Itemized list of possible entry status values
  • Live - the entry is visible on the public facing site.
  • Pending - the entry is live on the site, however there are pending changes that are not viewable on the public facing site.
  • Expired - an entry may have an expiration date set, however we do not use this feature.
  • Disabled - an entry is not visible on the public facing site. The program is disabled and is 'removed' from the website.
  • Drafts - The entry is not ready for publication.
    • New program entry, for example, may be missing required fields or the text may need further formatting.
    • An existing program contains changes that need to be submitted for publication.
    • GOML website administrator referred submitted changes back to contact due to a broken link, incorrect cipCode, or other presentation related issue.