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To create a NEW entry click the "New entry" button on the Entries page.

Screenshot of the Add New Entry button
Click the Add New Entry button

New Entry

Fill in the fields with your degree program details. Fields marked with a red asterisks are required in order to submit your entry for publication.

Required Field marked with red asterisk
Red Asterisk indicates a required field

Note: the cipCode must be the 8-digit code associated with the program or degree you are posting. Authorized programs and degrees can be found on USG's DMA website.

If you do not have all required fields, then click "Save draft," you will not lose your work, however, your changes will not appear on the live website.

Once all required fields are filled out and you are satisfied with the changes you have made,

  1. Provide a brief summary of what you added.
  2. Click "Save draft and submit for review"
Enter a descriptive comment and press enter
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