Master of Education in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development

University of Georgia
Degree Level Masters
Total Credit Hours 34

Program Description

Offered online through the College of Education, the University of Georgia’s online M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, Applied Cognition and Development program explores the impact of human cognitive, motivational, and developmental processes in education and practice. It is designed with a secondary area of focus in either learning with technology, learning across the lifespan, qualitative approaches to education, or development of high intellectual capability, depending on your personal subject matter interests. Graduates typically go on to careers in various non-clinical educational, training, or research support settings in schools, the military, or colleges and universities. Graduates also find positions in areas addressing lifespan development, religious education, and educational technology.

Admissions Information

Hold Baccalaureate degree from accredited college or university Have cumulative grade point average for all previous undergraduate courses as being 2.6 or above on 4-point scale Provide valid Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogies Test (MAT) scores Provide three letters of recommendation from people who know you professionally or as scholar Develop statement of purposes and goals that can reasonably be met by the degree program Have access to computer with high-speed internet connection, and email account