Doctor of Philosophy with a Major in Nursing

Georgia State University
Degree Level Doctoral
Total Credit Hours 60

Program Description

The Ph.D. program in Nursing at Georgia State University prepares nurse scholars and researchers to make tangible and socially relevant contributions to both the profession and the larger society. Participants in the program develop and maintain an active, dialogical learning community where faculty and students are co-learners. In this environment, education is a mutually evocative conversation where knowledge is critically examined and analyzed while new knowledge and meanings are generated. Through participation in the doctoral program, learners are expected to expand their abilities to: 1. Plan and implement nursing research that is socially relevant in the 21st century. 2. Link theory and research to the promotion of health in vulnerable populations. 3. Analyze the relationships among human-environment interactions and health promotion, protection, and restoration. 4. Examine issues such as race, gender and class in conducting research. 5. Explore, develop, and apply diverse modes of inquiry to the discipline of nursing.

Admissions Information

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