Respiratory Therapy: Online BS Degree Completion (RRts Only)

Georgia Southern University
Degree Level Bachelors
Total Credit Hours 130

Program Description

The Respiratory Therapy program offers a Career Ladder Online Degree Completion Program for those already registered as respiratory therapists (RRTs) to obtain their undergraduate degree. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited Respiratory Therapy program qualifies graduates for career advancement into leadership roles within their healthcare organization.

The Respiratory Therapy program has adopted the Career Ladder Model as the basis for accepting RRTs into the baccalaureate degree completion program. Registered respiratory therapists may advance their education while minimizing duplication of knowledge and skills. Students who transfer college credit to Georgia Southern University are required to complete a total of 130 credit hours for the degree, with a minimum of 33 of those credits earned in Georgia Southern’s Respiratory Therapy program.

Students who have achieved college credit at or above the associate degree, and the registered respiratory therapist (RRT) credential will be eligible to interview for the Career Ladder Online Degree Completion program. Candidates should have:

  • an earned certificate or associate degree in respiratory therapy
  • RRT credentials
  • completion of all baccalaureate core courses
  • a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5
  • have completed a professional portfolio
  • Military respiratory therapists will receive special consideration

State Authorization to provide a program related to the preparation of professionals may not indicate eligibility for certification/licensure in your state. Please consult the appropriate certification/licensure office in your state before enrolling in our program to confirm that your completion of this program will meet your state requirements.

Georgia Southern University’s Respiratory Therapy program awards the Bachelor of Science degree and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC), program #200277.

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Admissions Information

The Respiratory Therapy BS Career Ladder Online Degree Completion Program is for Licensed Respiratory Therapist only.

Application to the Respiratory Therapy BS Career Ladder Online Degree Completion Program is a three-part process.

  • Applicant must complete a Georgia Southern University Application.
  • Applicant must complete the Respiratory Therapy BS Career Ladder Online Degree Completion Program Application.


  • Certificate of Immunization Form
  • ​Confidential Reference Forms(2)
  • Statement of Support
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Resume of complete work history
  • A current job description
  • Letter of recommendation from immediate Supervisor
  • Documentation of Specialty Credentials and in-house certifications (CPR-ACLS-BLS-NPR-PALS)
  • Have an identified mentor at your home hospital, clinic, or institution

Criminal Background Checks and Drug Testing. Clinical agencies utilized by the Respiratory Therapy program may require criminal background checks and/or drug testing prior to acceptance of the student into clinical facilities. Students who do not pass the criminal background check and/ or drug test may be unable to attend clinical courses and therefore may be unable to complete their program of study. Any fees or cost associated with background checks and/or drug testing are the responsibility of the student.

Legal. The Composite State Board of Medical Examiners of Georgia has the authority to refuse to grant a license to an applicant upon a finding by the board that the applicant has been convicted of any felony, a crime involving moral turpitude, or a crime violating a federal or state law relating to controlled substances or dangerous drugs. Unlicensed students may be employed as long as they work under direct supervision. Students must apply for a temporary permit in order to work following graduation. In order to attain a full license the applicant must be employed under medical direction and have earned a CRT credential. It is a misdemeanor to practice respiratory care or falsely represent oneself as a respiratory care professional unless licensed by the board.

Health and Insurance. Students are required to submit a complete health history form and evidence of health insurance, immunizations, and liability (malpractice) insurance prior to participation in clinical practicum.

Program Accreditation

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges