Bachelor of Science with a Major in Psychology and Human Services

Clayton State University
Degree Level Bachelors
Total Credit Hours 120

Program Description

Clayton State's baccalaureate (BS) program in Psychology and Human Services is firmly grounded in the discipline of psychology while at the same time stressing realistic career opportunities in human services fields for the bachelor's degree graduate.  Graduates will be prepared to utilize tools of psychology to promote equity and well-being in a multicultural society, and equipped with the skills to recognize complex societal challenges and innovate creative solutions that empower and transform individuals and communities.  

Majors can be prepared for future graduate study (e.g., masters- or doctoral-level programs including in counseling or clinical psychology) or more immediate employment in related fields. Our program offers multiple concentrations including Gender Studies, Advanced Behavioral Health, Health and Wellness, Social Justice, Human Development, and Cognitive and Physiological Influences on Behavior, and students complete at least one internship, providing real-world experience for our graduates.

Admissions Information

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