Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in STEM Endorsement

Augusta University
Degree Level Teaching Endorsement
Total Credit Hours 9
Per Credit Hour Cost See Website

Program Description

The Augusta University STEM Education Endorsement has been designed to prepare educators to use the principles of an Integrative STEM/STEAM Educational Approach in their teaching practice. These candidates will be prepared to: 1) model STEM and STEAM content and practices in their classrooms and 2) lead student learning using an I-STEM or I-STEAM approach. The endorsement consists of three, consecutive courses: EDTD 6033, EDTD 6044 and EDTD 6055. Successful completion of all courses will result in 9 hours of graduate credit as well as achievement of the endorsement.

The first course, Integrative STEM/STEAM Education Pedagogy (EDTD 6033) will help students learn the definitions of STEM literacy and integrative STEM/STEAM (iSTEM/iSTEAM) education. Additionally, students will study strategies that support such an approach to teaching and learning. Strategies will include, but not be limited to, project-based learning, problem-based learning, place-based education and design-based learning. Thus, candidates will be prepared to demonstrate their understandings of STEM and STEAM education as a transdisciplinary, collaborative endeavor through classroom and/or curricular applications. Finally, candidates will be immersed in a design task with an artistic outcome to reflect upon and deepen understandings of I-STEAM educational approaches.

The second course, Integrative STEM/STEAM education: Driving Forces (EDTD 6044) introduces the concepts of grand challenges, essential and driving questions, technology and engineering (T/E) based design thinking, artistic based design thinking, creative thinking, model-based reasoning, computational reasoning, complex systems thinking, quantitative reasoning, wonderment and awe in order to prepare candidates to use STEM and STEM related pedagogical practices to engage learners in the ways of thinking and habits of mind used in STEM and STEM related disciplines. Candidates will also be immersed in the use of data to collaboratively evaluate instruction.

The third course, Integrative STEM/STEAM Education: Clinical Experience (EDTD 6055), will provide candidates authentic experiences in STEM/STEAM related careers and design tasks in which to observe, practice, reflect upon and deepen understandings of Integrative STEM/STEAM education in preparation for implementation.

Admissions Information

General Admissions Requirements / Information:

Current teaching certificate. Must be level 4 or higher induction, standard professional, advanced professional or lead professional teaching certification.

Official transcripts for all prior colleges Copy of current teaching certificate Criminal Background Consent Form Student Applied Learning Agreement Proof of Liability Insurance

Program Accreditation

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges