Associate of Science, Core Curriculum

Albany State University
Degree Level Associate
Total Credit Hours 60-63

Program Description

Albany State University offers two transfer associate degree options for students who are preparing to “transfer into” a bachelor's degree program in a specific major field of study after completion of the associate degree. Transfer associate degree students are encouraged to consider remaining at Albany State University and completing their bachelor’s degree here.

About two-thirds (42-43 hours) of the course content of both of ASU’s transfer associate degree programs are devoted to Area A-E requirements of the Core Curriculum (general education) of a four-year bachelor’s degree, and the remaining 17-18 credit hours are taken in optional Area F lower division prerequisites appropriate for a particular upper-division major at the baccalaureate level. Because the primary curricular focus of these two transfer associate degree programs is on the completion of general education requirements for a bachelor’s degree, they are aptly named the Associate of Arts in Core Curriculum and the Associate of Science in Core Curriculum. 

It should be noted that the Area F options cited in the listings of course requirements for these transfer associate programs are not considered to be “majors.” Those program components are not sufficient to justify separate transfer associate degree programs but are merely recommended lower-division course options for preparing to pursue a particular baccalaureate major in the last two years of a four-year degree. All Area F courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

To earn the transfer Associate of Science degree in Core Curriculum, for transfer to a STEM program students must complete  and one of the options for satisfying Area F.

To earn the transfer Associate of Science degree in Core Curriculum, for transfer to a Health Professions program students must complete and one of the options for satisfying Area F.

Admissions Information

The admissions policy of Albany State University is designed to admit those applicants who show a reasonable probability of success in completing the requirements for a degree. In considering the applicant, the Office of Admissions and Recruitment will review the previous academic record, entrance examination scores, and grade-point average.

All applicants must present the required credentials for review and evaluation. Acceptance or denial of admission is determined by the Director of Admissions and Recruitment.

An application for admission is considered when the completed application and all requested credentials have been received by the University.

General Requirements

An applicant must submit the following credentials:

  • June 1 for Fall Semester
  • November 1 for Spring Semester
  • April 1 for Summer Semester

Applying for admission is as easy as 1-2-3! Use the steps below to begin your journey to becoming an ASU Golden Ram.

Submit your application online. Click here for application instructions and the application link.

Submit requests for your official transcripts from all previous institutions and test scores to be sent to Albany State University.

Complete your FAFSA online.

State Authorization and Professional Licensure Disclaimer

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Program Accreditation

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges